Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Please read carefully the terms of use of our e-shop

1. Content. The content of  www.pchela2017.com website, including text, images, multimedia content, design and any other information, is the property of the merchant. Users may not copy, modify, transfer, and use for commercial purposes any content from the www.pchela2017.com websites without the express written consent of the merchant.

2. Right of use. The merchant provides the consumer with the opportunity to purchase and purchase the goods offered at www.pchela2017.com, in compliance with the Terms of Service. By clicking on any link, button, or image located on www.pchela2017.com, the user states that he agrees to abide by these Terms and Conditions.


3. Registration. When filling in the registration form, the user is required to provide the requested information and to update them when changing. In the event that the user has provided untrue data, the trader has the right, without notice, to stop the user from accessing his account and to cancel his order. By signing up at www.pchela2017.com, the user agrees to the e-mail address that he or she has announced, to be sent to him by private or commercial advertisers.

In the event that the user refuses to use the services of the online store www.pchela2017.com, he is entitled to require the merchant to delete all personal information about it from his database. In order to exercise its right, the user can contact the merchant through the contact formats available on his site.

4. Confidentiality of personal data. The personal data that users enter when registering, as well as filling in the order form, are reliably protected and can only be used for customer service. The Merchant fulfills the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act and is responsible for the protection of information for users except in the case of technical malfunctions or malicious actions by third parties that may endanger the security of the server storing the personal information database.

By accepting the terms and conditions, the user agrees that the information about him / her will be stored and used in the manner stipulated by them and in the law. The trader undertakes not to disclose any personal information about the consumer and not to provide the collected information to third parties, where information is required by government bodies or officials who, under current legislation, are authorized to request and collect such information in accordance with statutory procedures.

5. Order. Ability to place an order in the online store www.pchela2017.com has both registered and unregistered users. Acceptance of orders is executed from 10:00 to 17:00 every working day from Monday to Friday. Orders placed after 17:00 are processed the next day. Orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays are processed on Monday. All orders made during public holidays are processed on the first business day after the holidays.

When making an order, the user enters into a contractual relationship with the merchant for the purchase of the selected product, regulated by these General Terms and Conditions. The distance sales contract between the trader and the consumer shall be deemed to have been concluded from the moment of confirmation of the order by the trader.

6. Confirmation of the order. The order is considered to be confirmed only after the trader has contacted the user by phone to inform him that the ordered product is available. For this purpose, when filling in the order form, the user is required to provide a valid telephone number. If the contact phone is not active, the order may be canceled.

7. Availability of the products. Due to the sales dynamics, some products that appear on the site as available at the time of receipt of the order may be depleted and can not be delivered. The merchant does not guarantee the availability of the products at www.pchela2017.com. If the ordered product is not available, the trader has the obligation to notify the user by phone or by e-mail. The availability check can also be made through the "Inquire about availability" form available on each product page.

8. Prices of products. All prices on www.pchela2017.com are in Bulgarian levs. The prices of the products are final and are without VAT. The cost of the products on the site does not include shipping costs. The merchant reserves the right to change the prices of the products as well as the shipping charge.

9. Delivery. The delivery of a product ordered through www.pchela2017.com is made by the courier company Econt Express to the address specified by the user or an office of Econt. It is possible for the delivery to be carried out by another courier company. The delivery period is one to three business days after the order is accepted unless the ordered product is currently available - in which case the delivery term is negotiated further. When delivering the shipment the consignee signs a bill of lading, which certifies the exact execution of the order. In the event that the consumer is not found at the address specified by him / her or has not contacted his / her consignment at Econt's office within seven days of receipt, the trader shall be relieved of his obligation to deliver the ordered goods.

10. Payment. Payment is made on cash. Upon receipt of the shipment, the consumer pays the ordered goods as well as the cost of their delivery. The cost of delivery also includes the charge for the charge - according to the tariffs of the courier company Econt Express. The cost of delivery depends on the weight and value of the shipment. Delivery of a shipment up to 2 kilograms to an office of Econt costs between 4 and 7 leva and the delivery to the address - between 7 and 14 leva. The prices quoted are approximate and refer to delivery on the territory of Bulgaria. Www.pchela2017.com has an integrated calculator to calculate the shipping cost.

11. Replacement. If the product received by the user does not match the size he desires, he may request a replacement with another size. Replacement may only be made on condition that the purchased goods are returned in their original packaging, with no traces of use or tampering. Repayment and replacement costs are at the expense of the user. Replacement can be arranged by phone or via email. In case the size requested by the user is not available, he / she may exercise his / her right to cancel an order.

12. Cancel Order. The consumer has the right to withdraw from the distance sales contract without giving any reason and without due compensation or penalty within 14 days from the date of receipt of the ordered goods. The right of withdrawal can only be exercised if the purchased goods are returned in their original packaging, with no traces of use or no commercial appearance. The consumer is obliged within the specified time period to inform the trader of his intention to return the purchased products, using for this purpose the standard withdrawal form:

Standard form for exercising the right of withdrawal:

 (fill in and submit this form only if you wish to cancel the contract)

- To (trader's name, geographic address and, where applicable, fax number and e-mail address to be filled in by the trader):

- I hereby notify / notify * that we are giving up / declining * the contract of purchase of the following goods * / to provide the following service *

- Ordered on * / received on *

- User name (s)

- Address of the user (s)

- Signature of user (s) (only if this form is on paper)

- Date

-------------------------------------------------- ----

* Unnecessary is crossed out.

The user is not required to use the standard withdrawal form, he can negotiate the return of purchased products over the phone or via email.

The transport costs of returning the goods from the consumer to the merchant are at the expense of the consumer.

Where the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal from the distance contract, he shall send or hand over the goods back to the trader no later than 14 days from the date on which the consumer informed the trader of his decision to withdraw from the contract. Purchased merchandise from www.pchela2017.com returns to an office of Econt - Vidin office Krum Bachvarov, recipient of "Pchela 2017" Ltd., unless another way of return is agreed.

If the merchandise is returned by courier, the merchant recovers the user's amount once the shipment is open and is found to be eligible to cancel the order. If the product does not meet the conditions, it is returned to the user's account at the address from which it was sent. Reimbursement is provided by Econt Express. The maximum reimbursement period is 14 days from the date when the trader was informed of the consumer's decision to abandon the ordered goods - provided that the goods were returned within the specified time.

13. Other conditions. The merchant reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms of use of the online store www.pchela2017.com without first informing the consumer. Consumers should be aware of any changes and comply with them.

For all issues not covered by these General Terms and Conditions, the applicable Bulgarian legislation applies.