• Храна за пчели HONEY BEE PRO-POLLEN

Herba-pro bee cake acts bio-simulative on bee colonies in conditions of the lack of natural nutrients. It is used all year round. It functions as supplemental feeding of bees and has an influence on strengthening health, increasing immunity and resistance of bee colonies to diseases and parasites. This bee cake is so-called “all in one” product, supplemental feeding and a complex to strengthen bee immunity. The bee cake contains a mixture of medicinal plant extracts and essential oils produced by a technological process of percolation of an extract in floral hydrolate of medicinal plants, and it contains the most important nutritive components for bee health and vitality.


- sucrose
- enzymatic invert glucose-fructose syrup
- proteins of plant origins SH and SHa (not genetically modified)
- mixture of vitamins and minerals
- - mixture of medicinal plant extracts:
- Sage (Salvia officinalis)
- Lemon balm (Mellisa officinalis)
- Heather (Hyperycum perfratum)
- Wild thyme (Thymus serpylum)
- Winter savory (Saturea montana)
- essential oils from sage (Salvia officinalis)

Product Benefits

The product belongs to the category “all in one”, supplemental feeding and stimulator of immunity and resistance to parasites and bee diseases. The mixture of extracts and essential oils is an original component for supplemental bee feeding, developed in BKV and has an Ecocert and NOP organic certificate for the EU and the USA market. The bee cake is additionally enriched with proteins and a complex of vitamins and minerals and has positive effects on development of bee colonies.

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